3D CAD Jewelry Designer and 3D Sculpture Artist offering professional online CAD services to jewelry, gift and other manufacturers.

I am a 3D Artist specializing in the creation of sophisticated organic 3D CAD jewelry designs and 3D figurine sculptures. There are many 3D CAD jewelry designers in the jewelry industry, but there are very few who can deliver professional, realistic, and organic 3D forms. I have experience in creating a wide variety of 3D models like figurines, portraits, animals, and nature pieces.

My 15 years of experience in 3D CAD jewelry design and 3D sculpting allows me to offer my clients a very high degree of quality at affordable rates.

Based on your drawing or sketch, I will design a computer-generated 3D model. You’ll see exactly how your jewelry will look before a prototype is produced in metal. Like conventional gold-smithing, the parts that make up the jewelry are constructed separately. You will be delivered photo-realistic JPEG images and STL files of the different parts ready to be output on a prototype machine.

If you want a jewelry masterpiece with outstanding quality, I offer my services in all manufacturing stages: wax printing, master model production in metal with rubber mold, and mass production.

I will also provide a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your designs.