3D Jewelry Design – My Dreams Fulfilled

How I realized my childhood dream of making 3d jewelry design

Many kids dream of becoming astronauts or firemen when they grow up. When I was 12 years old, all of a sudden I started thinking about my future profession. I was exploring my inner self trying to realize what I would like to become. Two ideas came to my mind: the first one was to create children’s toys, and the second one – to create jewelry design. I had these two dreams because I was fond of drawing and sculpting. Since childhood I have had a genuine interest in both activities.

My choice of a career offered good perspectives but was not to my liking

When I finished school, I didn’t go to study art and sculpture as I wanted to.  My parents dissuaded me because the profession of a Sculptor at that time was not considered a meaningful choice of a career path. I listened to my parents and enrolled in the Engineering Institute where I studied without any passion for my future career. The only subject I liked there was drawing. After graduation I went to work as an engineer. I was not very enthusiastic about my profession. I felt emotional discomfort because the work of an engineer couldn’t be called my dream job at all. This situation had lasted for 30 years until I immigrated to America.

America helped me realize my childhood dream to do 3d jewelry design

Upon my arrival in America I decided to continue my engineering education and began to study Computer and 3d program AutoCAD.  In the process of studying engineering 3d modeling I accidentally came across such opportunity as artistic 3d modeling for movies and video games. I was so eager to do 3d modeling for movies and games that I quit my study at 3d engineering courses and enrolled at the Art Institute of California in San Diego to learn 3d animation. I was very happy to study at this university because this profession was to my liking. I graduated from this university with honors. At first, I worked in a couple of small firms and then I was invited by a large Hollywood company in Los Angeles to fill out the position of 3d character artist. After Hollywood, I started working for the leading American Video Game Design Companies as Lead and senior character artist.

While creating 3D characters for games, I suddenly realized that my first childhood dream of toys creation came true. It looked like some kind of mystic, but it was a real fact: I was actually creating toys.

3d design game 3D model

I continued to work for 3d video game companies; however I wanted to become engaged in doing something more artistic.  I started trying 3d jewelry design. I was learning jewelry design from leading jewelers in California while fulfilling orders for them. One of my first serious works was 3d model frog ring.

3d jewelry design frog ring

One day I had this strong desire to create 3d jewelry design of a ring that every professional 3d artist who deal with 3d design and 3d sculpting could wear. That is how I came up with a 3d model of computer ring.

3d jewelry design computer ring

Luck in business came to me because I have realized my childhood dream to do 3d jewelry design

I had opened different businesses before, but all of them were unsuccessful. Real luck came to me only after I realized my second childhood dream and started doing 3d jewelry design.

I opened my own business www.3dwaxcarving.com and immediately started getting tons of orders without any special advertising efforts. They came not only from America, but also from Europe and Asia. Customers asked me to manufacture 3d jewelry models for them. It daunted on me that when we realize children’s dreams, luck and success automatically follow because we do not go against our destiny, but our profession is, in fact, in line with God’s will.

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