3D Sculpting Service for Jewelry and Sculpture design

Professional 3d sculpting service producing quality jewelry and sculpture designs of any complexity with utmost quality and precision

Our company is very excited to provide professional 3d sculpting service for you. Having an extensive experience in this field we are very skilled at cutting-edge CAD/CAM software Z-brush, Rhino, etc. Our company can produce 3d sculpting designs from manual sketches, photo images, ideas and concepts or reference pieces to reflect the customer’s vision. Over the time of the company’s operation we have produced a wide variety of 3d sculpting products to satisfy the needs of our clients.

3d sculpting service sample 3D Bust Margaret Thatcher

As CAD designers we deliver 3d sculpting service using our highly creative imagination. While experimenting, we at the same time enjoy working in close collaboration with our customers to produce designs that are very close to the exact requirements and provided specifications.

3d sculpting service sample 3D Relief Portrait

Our 3d sculpting service will help you turn any artistic jewelry sculpture concept into realistic 3d model design and view it from different angles to make desired modifications and changes.

Professional 3d sculpting service provided by our company using 3d modeling innovative techniques will make your custom sculpture designs stand out due to unimaginable rich details, surfaces and patterns. Powerful CAD/CAM programs allow to create highly complex and detailed creative models with incorporation of a large number of individual elements with utmost precision.

3d sculpting service sample 3D Horse Ring

In portfolio section of our website you can see some miscellaneous sculpture CAD/CAM samples designed and rendered by our 3d sculpting service.

Sculpture is an artistic form that in itself can be considered the earliest way of 3d modeling of objects. With the help of the most modern versions of state-of-art software programs our 3d sculpting service is able to take sculpture design to a new level of complexity and sophistication. We are able to make incredibly unique and beautiful 3d sculpture turning it to a real work of art for you to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

Our CAD design and 3d sculpture service will help you turn your imagination to life. If you wish to start working with us on your project, please feel free to contact us.

CAD/CAM Jewelry Design & 3D Modeling Services

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