Buddha pendant brings peace and good luck

A Buddha pendant is believed to attract luck, health, wealth, and happiness, and that is why it is very popular not only with Buddha followers, but with people of different religions and non-believers.

While Buddhists wear it as a religious piece of jewelry, people of other convictions can wear it as an amulet bringing prosperity and abundance in all spheres of life.

Buddha pendants come in a variety of designs and materials from simple ceramic to more elaborate pieces made of precious metals such as silver and gold. A Buddha pendant is usually worn around one’s neck on a chain and can’t be placed below one’s chest (that is considered a sign of a disrespect).

Being a skilled professional in custom jewelry design, I was once approached by a client who wanted to order special Buddha pendant for good luck in his business.

The customer explained that he wanted me to design a pendant where Buddha would be in a meditative state. This pendant would serve him as a symbol of serenity and a piece of mind needed by any businessman who wants to be successful in his business. The client wished to have an exclusive amulet that would be uniquely his and existed in a single copy.

He gave reasons to why he wanted to have Buddhist jewelry on a first place. He explained that when you wear a Buddha pendant on your chest it will have a very positive effect on the Heart Chakra «Anahata», thus bringing peace and good luck to a person wearing it.

I understood what the client meant by this. If you believe that the pendant brings calmness and good luck, you really start feeling inner peace and blessings follow as a consequence of this feeling, because when we stop worrying, we become more effective in life and are directed toward attainment of happiness in some form or other. In any situation we start acting correctly, and as a result we obtain positive life events. It seems to me that the law of karma still exists: not only Buddha was talking about it, but Jesus Christ as well said that God will render to every man according to his deeds: «According to thy ways, and according to thy doings shall they judge thee». Though we can’t take control of many things in life that are beyond our reach and influence, it is still possible to take responsibility for our own state of mind and to change our life for the better by trying to find inner peace, harmony and happiness.

This was indeed a very interesting project for me, and I think it did not come to me by pure chance, because I am also very fond of philosophy and practice of Buddhism. Together with my client we reviewed as many existing Buddha pendants as we could find on the Internet, but we did not like any of them in particular. I started searching for the sculpture of Buddha where he was in the state of full peacefulness, serenity and meditation. I realized how important is this project and clearly understood that the Buddha pendant needs to be extremely well made, because Buddha is an amazing master whose teaching of meditation gave people a method of cultivating the mind and with it the opportunity to learn how to control their own restlessness. I made a pendant of Buddha trying to convey the maximum impression of calmness on Buddha’s face.

You can see on the picture below a CAD model of the Buddha pendant. It is very important to make the best possible CAD model because the way the pendant looks in metal greatly depends on it. 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping process helps easily create resin prototype of the Buddha pendant on 3D printer. Then the final version of the Buddhist jewelry piece is skillfully crafted in precious metal.

Buddha pendant

Get your own amazing custom designed religious jewelry piece

I am very interested in creating various kinds of religious jewelry where sacred objects such as miniature images of saints and spiritual teachers meet the art, craft and science of custom jewelry design.

What I found the most fascinating is that when I was working on religious jewelry models, I myself was feeling peace and tranquility within me. Moreover, I believe that such objects should be made very professionally. I think the artist has a tremendous responsibility when depicting such amazing spiritual teachers as Buddha, Christ, Solomon as well as other leaders and saints of different religious faiths.

If you wish to have a unique and highly individualized religious jewelry item, we will be very happy to fulfill your dream and will create a custom designed jewelry piece of high artistic quality, which you will truly cherish for the years to come. Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to design your very own amazing Buddha pendant or any other religious jewelry item.

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