Can you protect your jewelry designs by copyrighting them?

Basic tips about protecting your unique jewelry designs from plagiarism and copyright infringement

How US law protects jewelry designs

In the course of the most recent couple of years, the interest in stylish things like custom-made jewelry designs has increased thanks partially to the opportunity of selling jewelry on the web, technological innovations, for example, CAD design programs or 3D printers, internet based social platforms, and simply great, old-fashioned customer shopping patterns. Accordingly, a great number of jewelry designers get progressively worried about ensuring that their jewelry designs are safe from copyright infringement, as their most prominent jewelry items really characterize their business. Thus, we chose to investigate the nuts and bolts of copyright issues associated with jewelry designs.

Protection of jewelry designs is possible using several types of regulations. The first one is copyright. The other form is patent of the design. Lastly, the intellectual property can be protected by registering a trademark. Safeguarding your jewelry designs is accomplished by selecting the right kind of protection out of these three possibilities.

Copyrighting your jewelry designs

One of the sections of the US copyright legislation states that unique jewelry designs can be safeguarded. They are protected as “visual art”. Once the jewelry design is made, it gets secured by copyright laws. Despite the fact that this is done automatically, some jewelry design specialists like to make registration of their artwork with the copyright  offices. This helps them in making a record and serves as a guarantee that no one else claims the designs they register.

Choosing to register copyrights of your jewelry designs will give you some options. You will have a chance to take legal action. If there should arise an occurrence of copyright infringement, your designs will be protected by law. For instance, if somebody duplicates your designed jewels, you can make a legal claim to authorize your right over your intellectual property. This will also give you the opportunity to look for certain compensation in the event of violation of your rights.

And good news is that the registration can be done on the Internet. It will cost only thirty-five dollars and you can do it fairly quickly. You should load a couple photographs of your items taken from different points and include the detailed info of your jewelry designs.

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Patenting and trademarking your jewelry designs

In contrast to copyrighting, the option of patenting ensures the general style/appearance of a jewel if the design is brand new and absolutely differs from other designed objects.

In the USA, it is conceivable to obtain equally a patent and a copyright.  In fact the court recognizes that they may have some overlaps.

The primary differences between them are the facts that copyrights can be utilized to ensure the designs and configurations of surfaces of the jewelry pieces while patents are utilized to secure the shapes of the jewelry designs.

Even though you can apply for patents on the web, it is suggested that before you file you need to do some searches for jewelry designs that look alike. To register a patent is less popular than to do a copyright when it comes to jewelry designs.

Finally, there are trademarks. They are generally utilized for securing brand names. Jewelry designers can trademark images/symbols which they use for branding so that people could identify their business. Only distinct-looking elements can be used for this purpose.

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