Custom Ring Design Process

Interest in exclusive custom ring design has been on the rise lately. People order such kind of decorations directly from jewelry designers and jewelers.

 Advantages of custom ring design

One can find many interesting designs of rings in specialty jewelry stores, but they are unlikely to fully suit a person with an exquisite or exotic taste. That’s the reason why some customers would turn to jewelry designers and jewelers who can help create custom ring design that is really unique

 When custom ring design is appropriate

Custom design rings are requested in several situations. Clients usually order this kind of accessories for a wedding, as a gift or for their own use. Such unique decorations can emphasize peculiarities of the owner’s style. Some people like solid-looking gold rings with stones, the others want to get accessories with aggressive sort of symbols – the choices are almost limitless. For instance, one custom ring design made by us was created for the client who wanted to demonstrate that he was a cool computer professional. That was why he ordered a computer ring.

How we create custom ring design for our customers

We have capabilities to implement almost any project. However, it is very important that a customer describes in detail what he wants. For example, if he wants to have any image on the ring design, it is advisable to provide us with a rough sketch drawing. If a client wants the ring to be decorated with a pattern, then it’s necessary to give us an example of it. We cannot read one’s mind, so for us the specifics are very important. Then we create a jewelry sketch and send it to the client for approval as, for example, in the case with a computer ring.

custom ring design sketch

If the customer is happy with our design then we get to the stage of 3D modeling process.

3D Jewelry design is an important process which determines the look of the finished product

Based on the jewelry sketch we create 3d model of a jewelry piece. 3d modeling process is very laborious and requires knowledge of the jeweler’s craft and the talent of a sculptor. This process is very important because custom ring design and especially the look of a jewelry item in metal greatly depend on it. When 3d model of the ring is ready we send the client renders or screenshot s of it for approval.

custom ring design 3d model

We send renders in different perspectives so that clients could see how the ring will look.

custom ring design CAD model

After the 3d model is approved by the client we create a wax model with the help of a 3d printer. Then the wax model of the ring gets cast in the metal selected by the customer. In the case of a computer ring, it was made of two kinds of metals – 18K yellow gold accented by Palladium. After the product is cast in metal, we start the polishing and assembling processes. When the product is polished and completely done, we invite the customer to our workshop to showcase the finished ring.

custom ring design gold ring

If you or your loved one wants to make a gratifying gift, please contact us to order a custom ring design. We can assure you that creativity and quality is our credo.

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