Engagement Ring Design 100% inspired and customized by you

Engagement Ring Design can be challenging if you do it yourself. But at the end you will have a ring with tremendous personal significance that will be cherished and passed on in generations.

Get a Clue About her Jewelry Style

Engagement ring design starts with a quest for the right style. You need to look closely at the jewelry your bride to be wears and try to determine the style she likes (classical, traditional) taking into account her cultural preferences. The good place to start would be to take notice what kind of accessories she wears at work and for the formal gatherings. You can also talk to her friends andfamily about your creative project and get as much information as possible in order to find out what she likes (color preferences, stones etc.) and her ring personality.

Express your own personality in engagement ring design

You need to do more research as well as self-search your own personality to determine how you can translate your feelings and emotions if you decide to embark on the journey of creating totally original engagement ring design for your bride.

Head out to the stores and galleries, take notes andmake sketches of the rings that catch your eye. Browse the images of creative designs as well as other artistic media: paintings, sculptures etc., which evoke feelings similar to what you want to say.

Consider the type of metal and the shape of diamonds to be used in a ring. Engagement-Ring-Design-100%-inspired-and-customized-by-you-1Gold or Platinum are typical metals used in engagement ring design. Most people prefer yellow gold or white gold, although recently such metals as Platinum or Titanium have gained popularity. Engagement-Ring-Design-100%-inspired-and-customized-by-you-2

Be very careful when choosing the cut of the diamond as it can say a lot about your bride’s overall style. Round cut engagement ring means more classical and traditional style, while princess cut engagement ring is good for a modern bride with more edgy style. Some other popular diamond shapes are emerald, marquise, pear oval, heart shape etc.. You definitely need to find out what your bride to be wants for the shape. If you don’t want to reveal your engagement ring design project, you can find out by having her friend or relative ask her and tell you. Also you will need to decide on color, clarity of the diamond and carat weight.

Cooperate with a jeweler that does custom orders.Engagement-Ring-Design-100%-inspired-and-customized-by-you-3

You can create your own engagement ring that suits your taste, meets your budget and also will meet the bride’s expectations. But you will definitely need to collaborate with a professional jeweler when doing engagement ring design. The best advice is to shop around and find a reputable professional jeweler who has lots of good reviews from satisfied customers, who will work up to your standards and give you some guarantees that the work can be modified in case you feel it doesn’t meet your requirements. Then you can start the process of creating the dream ring for your bride to be.

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