Expert tips on how to choose jewelry CAD designer

Advice from jewelry CAD designer on what to look for when you are trying to find CAD jewelry design services for your 3d model design.

CAD jewelry design services are used by personal jewelry designers, wholesale manufactures & retailers worldwide to produce 3d jewelry models.

Ring designed by our CAD jewelry design services

CAD jewelry designer gets involved in the process that includes many steps.

First, jewelry CAD designer needs to create a jewelry design sketch based on client’s ideas and instructions, and then convert it into CAD. In case the jewelry design sketches have been already provided by the client, the task of jewelry CAD designer is to simply turn them into 3d CAD models. Once the models are finished, jewelry CAD designer usually sends them to the customer for approval and release.

Jewelry design model by our jewelry CAD designer

Some CAD jewelry design services provide their clients with further steps in jewelry design process such as casting (making a mold), chasing (creating a raised pattern), and polishing the final product (learn more about these terms and jewelry making process at Antique Jewelry University

What questions should you ask jewelry CAD designer before hiring him? What should you look for when you choose CAD jewelry design services?

Here are some core qualities of jewelry CAD designer you need to consider:

  • Artistic abilities and creative imagination. Portfolio of jewelry CAD designer needs to showcase a variety of 3D CAD Designs.
  • Level of software expertise. Find out what programs jewelry CAD designer operates and his level of jewelry design software skills.
  • Ask about the number of years providing CAD jewelry design services.
  • Practical knowledge of jewelry design business. Understanding of jewelry market, jewelry production process, tools and materials, metals and gemstones is very important for every jewelry CAD designer.
  • Work ethics. This involves timely response, ability to meet deadlines, reliability etc. References or testimonials are very helpful when considering CAD jewelry design services.Engagement Ring 3D design by our CAD jewelry design services

    It is also important to inquire about the price range of CAD jewelry design services.

Depending on the design and manufacturing complexity of a particular jewelry piece, jewelry design project requirements and price preferences, you can choose from a variety of individual jewelry CAD designers or foreign and domestic companies providing CAD jewelry design services.

At our company we provide high quality CAD jewelry design services making 3d jewelry design models for great price. Please feel free to browse our 3d portfolio to take a look at our work – samples of 3d jewelry CAD models. Get your CAD model designs with us!

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