Innovations and trends in 3D CAD design and wax printing

Learn how new technologies in 3d CAD design and wax printing and innovative 3d printers have changed the way jewelry is made today

3D CAD design and wax printing have significantly impacted the way jewelry design and manufacturing takes place. It gives the opportunity to visualize a conceptual jewelry design and modify or rebuild the whole jewelry design piece or a part of it.3d CAD design and wax printing software

3D CAD design and wax printing are done using a variety of industry specific software programs and innovative 3d printers

These programs include tools and commands useful for jewelry CAD designers, for example tools for ring sizing or stone setting.

Here are the most popular 3D CAD design Software programs:

  • Rhino
  • JewelCAD
  • 3Design
  • Matrix
  • PowerShape
  • Firestorm
  • ArtCAM Jewelsmith,
  • Mudbox

When it comes to 3D CAD design and wax printing, most often CAD jewelry designers have to combine different programs, especially for more complex 3d CAD design tasks, as each of the programs has its particular strengths and innovative techniques. For example, Rhino and Matrix are the programs of choice when it comes to precision 3d CAD design, while ArtCAM Jewelsmith is the best program for 3d sculpting. Software developing companies often release updated versions of 3d CAD design software adding more innovative features.Rhino precision 3d CAD design program

High precision innovating 3d printers have adopted new technologies taking the automation of jewelry production to a new level.

There is a number of modern innovative 3D printers on the market providing wax printing with precision down to 10 microns, delivering outstanding wax models ready for casting into any metal. For example, Solidscape innovative 3D printers utilize cutting edge 3D wax printing technology. With a touch of a button jewelry designers can do wax printing of most complex, creative and innovative jewelry designs. Learn more about wax printing using innovative 3d printers by Solidscape.

high precision innovative 3d printer

Advantage of 3D CAD design and wax printing over traditional techniques is that models can be made using innovative 3D printers instead of a time consuming task of making a mold.

Here is a list of most popular innovative 3d printers:

  • Solidscape T76+
  • B9 Creator
  • Indutherm MC 20V
  • Rofin Laserstar
  • Citizen Fiber CFM 20
  • Citizen CubeRevo 540CX
  • Roland MDX-40
  • Roland MDX-15
  • Signature 8080+
  • Best Built UT-50

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