Jewelry CAD software list by top CAD software companies

Learn about most popular CAD software companies providing advanced solutions for jewelry design from this jewelry CAD software list

CAD software companies and their role in today’s jewelry design.

CAD software companies have made a real revolution in today’s jewelry market by offering products, allowing 3d jewelry modeling artists to create true masterpieces. There are many different kinds of jewelry 3D CAD software, but all of them can be grouped in several main types:
•    3D CAD Software (For example: Rhino, Matrix, 3Design)
•    3D Sculpting Software (For example: ZBrush, ArtCAM Jewelsmith)
•    Customer-Facing CAD Software (For example: CounterSketch)Sample of 3d jewelry design by Cad software companiesMost often CAD jewelry designers choose to combine  more than one software package from popular CAD software list, as each of them offer different design approach and different tools.

Best CAD jewelry design software packages offered by CAD software companies.

Each software package from the CAD software list below offers various tools for 3D jewelry design which are equivalent to jewelry hand crafting and wax carving. You can choose 3D CAD jewelry design software that will be most appropriate for your design philosophy and goals in CAD jewelry design.

  • Rhino
  • JewelCAD
  • 3Design
  • Matrix
  • PowerShape
  • Firestorm
  • ArtCAM Jewelsmith
  • Mudbox
  • ZBrush
  • CounterSketch.

Rhino and Matrix are the most popular programs for 3D CAD precision modeling.

Two of the most popular programs in the CAD software list are Rhino and Matrix. They are considered the best when it comes to 3D CAD precision modeling. Rhino is also known to be very affordable and easy to learn, while Matrix is a more advanced CAD jewelry design software program and requires more time to master its tools and features. Even though Rhino has not been designed specifically for jewelry, it is still very suitable for CAD jewelry design projects.Matrix from CAD Software list

Matrix is ideal for creating a unique 3D jewelry model from a blank slate. Innovative T-Splines technology, used in Matrix, helps create flowing shapes. CAD jewelry designer can also utilize a library of common models and parts to speeds up the design process. Matrix offers Gem Reporter – a great tool helping to precisely lay and adjust gems for best results, and V-Ray for Matrix helps create stunning and captivating photo-realistic render images.

3Design is one of the top CAD software companies offering much flexibility.

3Design, a part of GravoTech Group, offers jewelry design software, developed specifically for jewelers and watchmakers, featuring a convenient interface with a number of great innovative tools, allowing to easily create 3d jewelry cad models or perform jewelry redesign. It has a short learning curve and provides maximum flexibility while saving time.

CAD software companies that joined forces for innovations.

Three top CAD software companies Stuller, Gemvision and TDM Solutions has united, in order to provide the best solutions in 3D CAD jewelry design, bringing the latest innovations to jewelry design industry.

One of the latest jewelry design software products developed by Stuller is called Counter Sketch . Right on the showroom floor this customer-facing CAD jewelry software program provides clients with different options from raw castings to complete jewelry pieces. Moreover, the finished jewelry cad designs can be exported to the 3D printer, allowing presentation of jewelry models prior to ordering.

ZBrush and ArtCam are considered best software for 3D Sculpting.

In the CAD software list above you can find Zbrush, a program which has been used by some top 3D jewelry design companies, especially for 3D curving and creating finest realistic textures. Another popular jewelry design software – ArtCam Jewelsmith is widely used for 3D relief designs.Example of 3D coin relief design by Cad software companies

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