Steps of producing sketches for 3d jewelry design

Essential tips on how to create great sketches for 3d jewelry design

Getting ideas for jewelry sketches

It is important to understand some key points of producing outstanding sketches for 3d jewelry design. We will discuss the basics of sketch creation, and participation of CAD jewelry designer in essential stages of designing a jewelry piece.

To design exceptional jewelry products, a designer needs to consider some fresh perspectives. In any case, thinking outside the box is imperative. When you get to the stage of turning your idea or concept into a drawing you need to remember some important tips. First, you should go through your ideas and take a close look at them. This step will help outline and analyze all concepts to draw better sketches. Additionally, you must always keep in mind how your sketch will look when you turn it into CAD jewelry design model. Moreover, understanding some basics of CAD modeling will help produce sketches for 3d jewelry design correctly.

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Drawing and testing jewelry sketches

Generally speaking, you don’t have to sketch a complete jewelry design at once. It is possible to prepare sort of a template of a jewel and then enhance it with details adding some unique concepts. This might be incredibly useful when building lines of jewelry products. You get similarity in style while adding stone and other detail variations. It can be particularly handy if you choose to get various shades and colors of precious gems.

Finally, you need to do testing of your sketch, and if it is completely finished on your opinion, it is necessary to work with some last details. Try to adjust various things. You can change textures and make small modifications to your design. When you are satisfied with the overall look of your designed jewel, then you can forward it to jewelry CAD designer.

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Working with jewelry CAD designer

The next step involves the work of jewelry CAD designer with your sketches for 3d jewelry design. Obviously, there will be slight variations from your initial sketch because of certain peculiarities of CAD design itself. Some things might differ a lot from your sketches for 3d jewelry design prepared by you. However, it is possible to notify jewelry CAD designer of modifications that need to be made.

Only if you are absolutely content and like what you see on the screen, the design should be sent for manufacturing. Apparently, it is a quite lengthy and work-consuming task to turn the sketch of a jewel into a finished item.

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Tips on scaling your jewelry sketches

The greatest misstep inexperienced jewelry designer usually makes is working with proportions. You need to scale everything correctly. Jewelry pieces are generally not very large, so drawing them with a one-to-one proportion wouldn’t be a good option. That is a reason you might need to modify a scale of sketches of 3d jewelry design. It will be more convenient to work with close-ups, especially if there are the tiniest gems and complicated details. However, you can switch back and forth mixing various kinds of scaling when you produce sketches for 3d jewelry design.

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