CAD Jewelry Design

Welcome to my CAD jewelry design portfolio. Browse the pictures in this collection of works to see my most recent projects on CAD jewelry design.

 CAD Jewelry Design

CAD Jewelry Design is a relatively new trend in creation of 3d jewelry models. Before invention of this innovative approach people would make jewelry models manually using such material as wax. Wax carving was somewhat labor-intense work. Nowadays computer technology such as 3D jewelry modeling has facilitated this process. Actually, it is a crucial task to create 3D models as life-like and beautiful as the wax models that are created by drafters manually.

CAD jewelry design

When I started working on this 3D model of Buddha pendant I searched online for many pictures to find the one that could give me the most inspiration. Showing the serenity of Buddha is critical. I started thinking why there are so many Buddha followers in the world. The answer is simple. Buddha taught people how to calm their restless mind that in fact creates many psychological and life problems to them.

After I found the right image, I started to model Buddha in Autodesk Maya creating the main shape of Buddha’s head and working on it to translate the sense of peacefulness. This 3Dmodel of Buddha was changed several times until the “Buddha State” was achieved. After the 3d Buddha model was completed, I started the stone setting process with the help of the software called Gemvision Matrix.

During the modeling process, I usually send the client the work renders to show the work in progress and to see whether he likes the intermediate 3D modeling stages. When 3d model of Buddha pendant is ready, I email the client the final renders for approval. If everything looks OK, I give the client the file for further prototyping.

Custom CAD jewelry design

Creation of Custom CAD Jewelry design for the clients is a very important process. It is critical to understand what the client wants to get at the end. Very often clients do not provide the draft drawings, giving only the project description. That is why in such moments it is essential to understand the client’s desire as far as custom CAD jewelry design project. I usually correspond with a customer to see what particular kind of custom CAD jewelry design he wants me to create for him and then I email him the draft drawings for approval.

Custom CAD jewelry design

When I was creating the 3D model of the ring with the horse head, I communicated with the client who wasn’t a jeweler. He was just a regular person who was fond of horses and who wanted to make custom CAD jewelry model of the horse ring. In order to satisfy the client’s demands, I had to email him various ideas on 3D design of the horse ring until the clients selected this particular design which later was modelled into CAD horse ring. The client was delighted with the final results. Client’s satisfaction is a thing of paramount importance in custom jewelry design: if the client is contented, the jeweler is also pleased, because to bring people happiness is a very satisfying thing.

It is essential to remember the main phases of custom CAD jewelry design process:

  • Coming up with an idea/concept of the jewelry piece
  • Creation of drafts/sketches of the jewelry designs
  • CAD jewelry design process/manufacturing

If you like my work samples, I would be very pleased to create for you a custom CAD jewelry design of any complexity and of great artistic quality.

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