My name is Igor Pinkevich and I am a 3D CAD Jewelry Designer and 3D Sculpture Artist with 15 years of experience.

I have had extensive training in both traditional and digital sculpting. I began my studies as a classical sculptor finishing the Sculpture Art School. After art school, I majored in Industrial Design.

Finally, I studied 3D digital modeling at the Art Institute of California in San Diego,CA. During my career, I worked in top Hollywood and video game companies as a lead 3d character modeler. I contributed to major projects such as Dune, Law & Order, Dan Dare, Ever Quest, Deep Space PS3 and others . I studied jewelry design under the tutelage of a San Diego based leading jewelry crafter and manufacturer.

My passion is for organic modeling. I always strive to create 3D models that are as lifelike as possible.

I work to embody each model with spirit and emotion so that my models have character.

I use an eclectic tool-set of modern modeling software to achieve this goal. Currently I am working as an independent 3D Sculpture Artist working with jewelry, gift, video game and other manufactures. For the jewelry industry I create sophisticated organic forms with Faberge quality. For toy and gift manufacturers I create 3d relief sculpture, sculpture miniatures, figurines, belt buckles, Christmas ornaments, and many other products. For video game companies I am modeling and texturing high and low polygon stylized and realistic characters.