CAD jewelry design and 3D Sculpting work portfolio

Welcome to my CAD jewelry design and 3D Sculpting portfolio. Explore my CAD jewelry design works in the categories: CAD Jewelry Design, 3D Sculpting, Wax Jewelry Models, Jewelry Sketches.

 CAD Jewelry Design

Creation of each jewelry piece begins with a concept. The idea is then turned into a variety of sketches for 3d jewelry design. Many of my CAD jewelry design models have been inspired by various aspects of nature. You can see from my portfolio that I use animals and plants as subjects of my CAD jewelry design.

I regularly get inspired by an infinite array of rich and beautiful shapes, details, texture and pattern variations of natural objects. No matter what CAD jewelry design project I am working on, I always try to make it look as realistic as possible creating nature-like jewelry pieces with unique characters. It is also important to keep in mind, when you come up with some original CAD jewelry designs, that they need to look impressive in different metals.

CAD jewelry design

I created this particular jewelry model with the help of two different CAD Jewelry Design Programs. I designed the frog’s body in Autodesk Maya, and I used Gemvision Matrix for stone setting part of the project.

When working with my clients, I always send them the variants (renders) to show how the project looks at every stage and to see what design changes I need to make in client’s opinion. Upon project completion, I forward the final render to the client for approval, and after that, I send the STL file for prototyping in wax.

3D Sculpting

With the help of 3d sculpting and modeling software, I can creatively manipulate virtually any object producing realistic-looking life-like sculptures.

3D Sculpting

This 3d sculpting relief was ordered by a client with the purpose of the further commercial manufacturing using wood carving machine. This video  shows how it is possible to create wood sculpture relief using 3d sculpting process. When creating this 3d sculpting relief depicting a meditating girl I strived to express beauty and serenity of the woman’s body. I had a critical task of creating a 3d sculpting model of a high artistic excellence to ensure the quality of wood renderings and the overall commercial success of the client’s project. I used the program called Zbrush for this 3d sculpting relief which is considered the best software for 3d sculpting projects.

There are numerous 3d sculpting software programs. Here are three top ones used for 3d sculpting projects: Zbrush, Mudbox, 3D Coat.

Send us your ideas or sketches, and we will create 3d jewelry models and 3d sculptures to produce unique pieces of your dream. You can significantly benefit from our services whether you want us to make 3D jewelry design models and 3d sculptures for you to wear or for further commercial manufacturing.

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