Jewelry Sketches

Welcome to my portfolio featuring jewelry sketches of my design ideas and some custom jewelry designs ordered by my clients.

Jewelry Sketches

The creation of jewelry sketches is the basis of any jewelry work. The jewelry designer in the sketch drawing conveys his idea of ​​the jewelry piece that he wants to make. The design concept and beauty of the jewelry product will determine whether it will be purchased by the customer. I had an idea to create a ring for Hollywood stars. Around the splint of the ring, there is a movie tape in which diamonds are set to show that this ring is meant for the stars to wear. The jewelry composition is completed with a big star that is strewn with small diamonds. Also, the star can move around the frames showing the process of editing the film. Movie stars and people who work in the film industry can order this ring, and we guarantee that we will make the most beautiful ring of the highest quality.

Jewelry Sketches Movie Stars Ring

Custom jewelry Sketching

Creation of jewelry sketches for the orders starts with getting from the client a maximum of information about the idea of ​​the jewelry design which he wants to create. Usually, I ask clients for any photos of any jewelry that he can find which are similar to his idea. At the beginning I make some rough jewelry sketches for my customer to make corrections. Then, in the process of working with the client, a final jewelry sketch in color appears, which I then use for creation of the 3d jewelry model. Then I do prototyping in wax, and at the final stage I cast the item in the metal of customer’s choice and decorate the jewelry piece with diamonds. The process is not easy to complete and takes time, but when the product is crafted well, both the client and artist are satisfied with the finished product.

Custom Jewelry Sketching

The process of custom jewelry sketching consists of several steps:

  • Creation of initial rough jewelry sketch
  • One or a few rounds of reviews and changes
  • Customer’s final approval of the jewelry sketch

If you are impressed with my portfolio, I would be pleased to cooperate with you on custom jewelry sketching of your jewelry designs. In case you have no specific concept in mind, I can provide you the photos of my recent jewelry sketches to give you some ideas. Please feel free to contact me to start our collaboration on custom jewelry sketching of a beautiful jewelry piece which will be uniquely yours.

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