3D Character Design for Games and Movies

We provide customized production ready 3d character design for movies, games, cartoons. television, advertisements and more

Our 3d character design services can turn your conceptual ideas into appealing 3d characters for games and movies. We have a capability to create fully functional 3d character models from start to finish. Utilizing modern 3d modeling software such as Maya and other programs,we will sculpt out your character and will add life to it using colors and textures, then completing it with transparencies, shininess, translucency, reflectivity and many other attributes to achieve realistic and vibrant look.

3d character design for games

When it comes to game development, our company provides wide aspects of 3d character design for 3Ds Max, 3ds Maya, Unity 3D and other software that are used to create realistic 3D animation. With deep understanding of 3d character design software, knowledge of space and proportions, unique artistic vision and creative imagination we are able to sculpt truly customized and highly detailed 3d characters for our clients across the world.

We combine a variety of software and blend different techniques with the purpose of giving the resulted 3d character design that final perfect look that will not only meet customer’s requirements but what’s most important will be appealing to the viewers.

Please feel free to browse online collection of 3d character design projects we have completed for our customers. These amazing 3d game and movie characters have been created from sketches that were used as a reference in 3d character design process.

3d character design for movies

We work in close collaboration with game designers to make sure the 3d character design files can be smoothly processed as game ready data for further programing and coding. Games have become more story-driven over the past decade and thus more emphasis is given to body mechanics while creating 3d game animations.

3d character design – 3d girl

3d character design and modeling services provided by us can be used not only for the game industry but for animation movie industry as well. We have accumulated an extensive experience while working for film production companies for years.

Our company is loyal to producing high quality 3d characters for games and movies being skilled in various software programs and tools among those that are generally used for 3d character design (ZBrush, Maya, 3DS Max,Modo, Blender, Cinema 4D,Softimage, Houdini and Lightwave).

When creating 3d characters for feature films we use interactive 3d character design methods mostly working in Maya in direct one-on-one collaboration with movie directors. This allows us to deliver finished 3d character designs in timely manner and with most optimal results.

3d character design – 3d skeleton

Please feel free to contact us if you have a need in 3d character design for games and movies.

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